Early Childhood

Transitional kindergarten (TK) and kindergarten learners are filled with curiosity and creativity. We know that early childhood spaces must engage and support these learners and offer variety. Our solutions combine stimulating, intentionally flexible ergonomic classroom designs to encourage learning through play and exploration. Active, young minds will be nurtured and inspired by our thoughtfully crafted […]

Makerspace + STEAM

Dynamic, interactive makerspaces should spark infinite creativity and innovation. Our Learning Environments specialists design and curate Maker and STEAM spaces to inspire hands-on exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Let’s build your school’s makerspaces to empower students to explore their creativity and encourage collaborative exploration.   CEF CEF NorvaNivel CEF Fleetwood NorvaNivel CEF CEF Smith Systems […]

Outdoor Learning

With abundant access to fresh air, natural light, and countless options for exploration, outdoor spaces naturally enhance student engagement, social skills, and emotional wellbeing. Our Learning Environments specialists will leverage the power of your outdoor space and our experience, design and furniture resources to create engaging Outdoor Learning environments. Let’s design one together for your […]

Teacher Lounge + Admin Spaces

Today’s teacher lounges and admin spaces must support the work to be done and create places for relaxation, collaboration, and socialization. We’ll work with you to deliver innovative space and furnishing designs tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Partner with us for a well-deserved teacher lounge and admin space makeover.   NorvaNivel Smith System […]


Active, growing students require and deserve durable, flexible, and comfortable classroom furniture. Our learning environment design specialists support different learning and teaching styles with research informed classroom designs, furniture, and technology. Thinking about blending the physical and the digital? We’d love to help you increase student engagement with a total classroom transformation.   VS America […]

Student Wellness

Pause, rest, reset. Empower every student to build agency, regulate their emotions and create a harmonious learning environment for all. Our Learning Environments team will help you conceive, design and furnish calm and wellness spaces with a wide selection of soft seating, sensory privacy, biophilic elements and more. Elevate student well-being with dedicated, nurturing, calm-down […]

Cafeteria + Multipurpose Room

The traditional cafeteria has become so much more today; it’s an adaptable, flexible venue for multiple functions, from school lunches and PE classes to science fairs and drama performances. Our Learning Environments specialists design and deliver versatile K-12 multipurpose room designs to optimize your school facility usage. Let us help you build a multi-functional, engaging […]